Monday, September 04, 2006

New York City here I come?

For a very long time now, I have been debating with myself, with my family and with my friends, whether I should study at a college in Israel or in the states. I have still not come up with a conclusive answer as to what I should do.
Therefore I have decided to confide my dilemmas and considerations in this blog.

Reasons to go:
1) I have always wanted to study in the U.S. and work there after college, and make $!
2) My best friends are going to study in the U.S. (yes Katz I consider you a best friend).
3) The education in the U.S. offers me the kind of education freedom that I am looking for; where as Israeli colleges do not. I would like to study many different subjects before deciding which major I want to commit myself to, and in Israel you must declare your Major upon admission, and if you decide that you want to change a major, after you've already declared your major upon admission, it puts you back a few semesters.
4) Since I want to work in the U.S., it is easier to get a job with an American degree then with an Israeli degree.
5) I want to study there because of the college life. In Israel college life is no different then high school: you go, you come home and you do your homework and assignments, no fun no college life, nothing and I would like more then that. I know it's not like in the movies (Animal house ect.), but I would like to have some fun.
6) I would like to move out of my parent's home, and frankly get as far away as possible, be independent and I feel that staying in Israel (which is a very small country) I won't be able to have that independence.

Reasons to stay:
1) U.S. colleges are very expensive and about 5 times more expensive then in Israel (and to be honest I don't have that kind of money).
2) 6 months ago my sister gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy, my nephew, and it won't be easy for me not to see him grow up or for him not to know me, or for any of his future brothers or sisters or cousins not to know me.
3) My whole life is here, my family, my friends, my contacts, my history, everything is here, except for a dream of a great and happy future for me and except for a few friends in the stats I don't have anything in the U.S..
4) Not to mention, the fact that only half my friends and a few members of my family support my going to the U.S. but everybody else opposes it and tries to tell me that Israel is my place, (That might be true but I really want to study in U.S.).

These are my dilemmas, I don't know what to do, I don't really have answers for any of these problems, whether to go or to stay?

I could really use your help, so, please give me advise, as to what I should do and why I should do it.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Snooker, why bother?

I am sure like myself and my friends you and your friends go every once in a while to shoot some pool. Now, if you are anything like me and my friends you suck at pool, but I mean really suck. You say to yourself, how hard could it be to hit a ball with a long stick, make it hit another ball and get it go into a hole, apparently it isn't as easy as it sounds or looks. Last time I went to play, I looked around and was pleasantly comforted by the fact that almost everybody in the place sucked. I saw many guys and gals setting up their shot, they get all serious sometimes they will even say something like "O.K. now let's play seriously", ya that never works. Everyone there aspires to be better at pool but we got to face it, it's impossible, God didn’t intend this game to be played by man.

So what is it that drives us all to go play this impossible game, I mean we aren’t good at it, we feel bad that we can't get anything in (except for the ones that go in by chance or the ones that are close and then we claim we have talent), the place is usually filled with smoke and it's not cheep. So, what is it that keeps driving us back to play? Do we like loosing? If we got better and better at it every time we went, then sure, it makes sense to go, but it seems like every time we go we get worse! Some even think that by buying there own Cue-stick or buying books they will look and become professionals, but let's face it that will never happen, sorry!

However, surprisingly enough we seem to have fun every time we go, whether it's because we change the rules, create new ones so that we stand a better chance of not sucking or decide that the point of the game was to get the black ball in before any of the other ones.
Whatever it is that drives us back there, I just wish that next time it will drive us to something that we stand a chance of being good at, like Curling!

Is life all ha ha hee hee

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

ESPECIALY the last one!

BL and I started watching the movie Seven Swords, and we noticed a couple of weird and funny things during the movie.

We saw the trailer for Seven Swords when we went to see another movie at the theater, and it look like an awesome Chinese fighting movie. The scenes from the trailer looked cool, so, we rented it and started watching it, the fighting scenes really are amazing, but the movie is in Mandarin Chinese, now since my Mandarin isn't that good, I had to rely on the subtitles and on BL's knowledge in Mandarin which isn't much better then mine. Due to my poor knowledge in Mandarin, I am pretty sure that all the characters have the same name (Han). Anyway, we watched the movie and paused every few seconds in order to be able to read the subtitles, because 3 words in Chinese are like two sentences in English, for example: "Hanto Sally Kymac" - "so I went to the store and picked up some milk, and at the store I saw Sally, who is doing great...." But, you also have the translations where 2 sentences in Chinese mean one word in English: "tanko wantan lee han su knee my too wan tee"- "Hey". One of the most mind boggling translations though was when the general asked his messenger about a fight, he asked:
G: How many worriers were they?
M: Seven!
G: what weapons did they use?
M: Swords!
G: Seven Swords???
M: Yes, they ALL used swords, ESPECIALY the last one!

What does that mean especially the last one? If they all used swords then of course the last one also used a sword, I guess, it must be a Chinese thing.

I recommend the movie to any one who is looking for some good old fashioned, state of the art graphics, Chinese fighting. Another cool mindless action movie that is recommended for all ages except for the really tiny kids, is, Transporter 2, awesome movie, funny, witty and packed with action.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I Am Back!!!!!

Hello one and all,

It has been a very long time since I got a chance to post, and I really missed writing here. Surprisingly I got a lot of e-mails from many anonymous people, asking why I haven't posted since April well I am here to announce: That I am back!

Post by post I will slowly tell you what has gone on in my life over the past two months,

Yours truly,
Silas Dogood, I mean, Nadiv

Sunday, April 16, 2006

There is fun outside the Army!

Well it’s been another two weeks since I have posted, I have less and less new stuff to share and even less time to write about it.

The longer I am in the army I feel as if I don’t get to see my friends any more and I really miss them (Yes, that means you guys and galls!). I am looking forward to the point when I will be coming home on a daily basis and not only on the weekends, then hopefully I will see more of them.

I was by my parent’s friends for the Seder (Passover), which turned out to be quite nice. I was sure it was going to be a huge disaster, I mean holidays are supposed to be spent with your family, but I was pleasantly surprised to try something new. Although my hosts weren’t my age nor were the hosts parents I still had a great time and found a lot of mutual topics to talk about.

All my Sib’s came to us for Shabbat including the new addition, my sisters baby. I had a great time for a few reasons, A) I don’t get a lot of time to see my sib’s anymore, B) I got to play with my nephew (even though he doesn’t do anything, as he is only a month old, he still cute). For all of you who don’t have nieces or nephews yet, you should just know that they are a lot of fun and the great thing is that after you had your fun you could just give them back to their parents and you don’t have to take any responsibilities.

After Shabbat I went out with my brother and sister in-law to see the movie Ice-Age 2: THE MELDOWN. I thought the movie was wildly entertaining, I was laughing throughout the entire movie. I recommend the movie to all ages and to anyone who has seen the first movie and liked it.
The last two lines of Ice-Age 1 were:
" Sid: You know? This whole ice age thing is getting old. You know what I could go for? Global warming.
Diego: Keep dreaming. “

In the second movie we start off with the fact the all the Ice is melting and it is the end of the Ice-age (global warming). So all the animals start to migrate away from the Ice so that when it melts they don't drown.
A few great quotes from the movie include:

During the migration you see a dung beetle family migrating and the father dung beetle is pushing a huge dung ball:
Dung Beetle Dad: Do we have to bring this crap along? I'm sure there's a bunch of other crap where we're going!
Diatryma Mom: Hey! This was a gift from my mother!

While migrating a hungry vulture pass overhead and announces:
Traffic Vulture: Parents: Please do not leave your children unattended. All unattended children will be eaten.

And last, there is a scene when Manny (The Mammoth) find out that he might be the mammoth on the planet, so Sid starts to sing a few classics:
(singing to Manny) Someday when you've gone extinct, when you make a stink....
MANNY: Shut up Sid.
SID: Stop, hey, look around, all the mammoths are in the ground....
MANNY: Stop singing Sid.
SID: If your species will continue clap your hands (CLAP CLAP). If your speci....
MANNY: SID, I'm gonna fall on you again, and this time I will kill you.
SID: Someone doesn't like the classics.

Ice-Age 2: The Meltdown trailers:

Once again Pixar succeeded with another hit.


Sunday, April 02, 2006

Two weeks

It’s been a while since I have last posted, I really don’t have any time I get home on Friday’s noon’ish get ready for Shabbat and Saturday nights I am out late with my friends, so that I barley have any time to post.

In the past two weeks I have given blood but unlike most soldiers who get treated by the army Doc’ I see my Family Doc’. Every one else who donated blood, got the rest of the day off, I, had to go on like a regular day.

I also got to get out one week on a Thursday night, which was awesome, I got to go out with my friends on a Thursday which is something I haven’t done in a while.
Read about it:

Two weeks ago I had a night that I was able to get 9 hours sleep and last week I had a night that I slept 12 hours.

My Nephew had his Brit, A really painful and bloody Jewish tradition, I don’t want to get in to it, bottom line is, he didn’t cry at all. The Mohel cut he squeaked and that was it, he wasn’t even drunk! I have a very brave nephew.

I saw the sun eclipse through protective glass: I took 5 sun glasses and put one on top of the other, great Shiftzur.

Last night R and I went out to celebrate BL’s 20th B-day at Max Brenner's and I overdosed (on sugar) I had a Bafleh and a Mexican, great combo but not if you have sugar problems.
On line at Max’s they were calling people on the load-speaker since it was hard to hear due to all the rain. Every time they used the load-speaker it sounded as if G’d was talking to us. BL even answered once thinking G’d was talking to him. The funniest was when from the load-speaker came the name Noah, we were all waiting to here the command “Build me an ark, Noah!”, it was also fitting do to all the rain, which hasn’t stopped yet.
Before we left BL asked if he should take an umbrella and I told him it was hardly raining so he didn’t little did I know that later it would be raining hardly (we got soaked but were saved for a while thanks to the fact that BL brought a Jacket. It was hilarious all three of us were running hiding under his Jacket while he was still wearing it. Of course when we got home he noticed there was an umbrella in the car.

I am adding part of my birthday wish to BL, which applies to all ages (especially the one’s over 20):

“Take a minute to look around you and see all your friends that have come tonight to celebrate with you (O.K. don't look cause it's pathetic [we were three people]), but you do have a lot of friends, and that is what you need to remember on your B-days, it's not your age that matters, it's the number of friend you've made in those years that is the important thing.
Just think about what you have achieved in 20 years, and you will be amazed how talented and lucky you are!”

Have a good week every one.

Nadiv out!

P.S. Sorry for any spelling or grammatical error I wrote this a minute before I left the house.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

4th week + I am an uncle

Well nothing eventful happened this week. Still enjoying myself nothing new to report in the army department.

I am officially unclified, that is I am an uncle. Friday morning my sister gave birth to a healthy baby boy. My nephew weighed at time of birth 3.25 kilo. Below are pictures of him.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Week Three

Not much to tell I am learning tons of new stuff about the army every day. I am really loving what I do, I spoke to a few people from my unit and they told me the my job just keeps getting better and better, they also told me that it never stops getting interesting.

Tonight I went to see the movie Syriana with a few friends, I thought it was a very good movie; it gave a glimpse in to the lives of 4 people and their relationship to a natural gas company. The movie is a very relevant movie for it deals with the complexities of the gas industry, corruption, terrorism and Iran.
I recommend anyone who has any interest in any of these topics or likes political movies to see the movie at once.

Well that’s all for now, I am back off to the army tomorrow.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

My New Army Life! + Shabbat With a New Insight on Life + Tip.

As many of you have noticed (or at least those of you who read my blog [that is if anyone reads my blog]) I have been writing less frequently lately and that is because I am now on a new base where I come home once a week on Friday and need to report back every Sunday. This however will not last forever only for the next 4 months, then I will be home every day and be able to post more often. I have a ton of stories to tell you all but my time is short. I plan to write down my tales and post them when I am home.

In the mean time I'll say I am having a great time in the army. I really love what I am doing but according to some of my friends that will change soon (I hope not).

This Shabbat (Saturday) I was in Jerusalem for my grandparents (from my fathers side) 60th anniversary, it was a lot of fun. I saw all my cousins and got a chance to catch up with them on life the universe and everything (P.S. the answer is 42). It was amazing to see everyone and know that we were all there thanks to the marriage of my grandparents, 60 years ago. It really put things in perspective knowing that we were all there thanks to them. A month in a half ago my grandmother from my mothers side passed away, I just want to say to those of you who have grandparents, spend time with them, hear the stories they have to tell, for they are our link to past years and they are the reason that we are all here. and you should be with them as much as you can before it’s too late. After loosing a grandparent and seeing the happiness after 60 years of the other pair really makes you cherish the moments you have with them! Yes, I know this may have been a bit mushy, but seriously, this Shabbat was really amazing not only did I get to see almost my entire family (37 people) but it was truly amazing to get to spend time with my grandparents and to see the love between them that lasted 60 years and hopefully many years to come.